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Saturday, February 10, 2007

hello world!

army has been pretty fun, minus the route marches, field camps (which encompasses cold and squishy combat rations, the inconveniences of visiting the latrine and difficulties in manoeuvres amidst pitch-black conditions), wearing long four (i.e. long pants and long sleeved shirts), wearing the helmet and having to constantly keep a watch on your rifle. other than that, my section is quite bonded already and the friendships are slowly establishing themselves :)

to all you army noobs out there, a company is like a building. each level is like a platoon. each room is called a section.

i dont really know what to blog about cos i doubt anyone visits this place anymore, especially after a 1 month stagnation. i miss dancing very muchhh

anyway i booked out on friday! played soccer in the afternoon with qingboon's AC friends. it felt super gooood. in camp, we dont get to play soccer cos the sergeants say they are afraid we may injure ourselves. and they say this while they are kicking the ball around. wah lau eh. and this morning i went for some duke university interview! it was very informal and it was quite actually :) i met yongjin to watch protege! i'm a sucker for police/action movies. at night i had some family friend's bday dinner. wah they invited this guy from 'the prata place' and there was free flow of prata and i ate some porkfloss/onion/egg/dunowhat prata and chocolate banana prata....super yummy la.

im so tired im going to sleeeep NIGHT

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

the past week has been peppered with nostalgia. i really miss school cos i dont want to grow up and enter the working world. in university it seems so serious because you are more or less studying for what you are going to work as. i went back to school on the first and last day of orientation, just to relive my days as an OGL and as a student. i don't know many j1s, but here are 2 of them

haha nathalie and noelle tan! gym twins with bad time management and with nonsense as their middle names

farhanis! my OG member who is now an OGL! we are sesame street fans
dennet yap. look at her act cool hat
council buddies shiwei and joash :D shiwei's in her pjs hahaha cos of O night
ZHUZHU looking retarded
this is JIAYAN, JIALUNS BROTHER! damn cool cos he recognised me cos jialun has a photo of us on his study desk.
O night was great...the OGL skit was hilarious and the programmes captivated the j1s (i hope). the burning L'Audeamus was cool too:

i went back for CCA feste too to collect some stuff and to watch the juniors perform..they did great. the dance is downloadable here:

i heard 116 ppl signed up for dance and there were about 45 guys. z0mg. but i trust that linus, terence, narpal, darrell, jiahui and the other dance guys will have fun at auditions haahhaa

anyway recently i also went for some sort of medical attachment with dr koo, who's the head of medical oncology at SGH/NCC(national cancer centre). i felt really compelled to do medicine after this experience cos it made me realise that there's so much more a doctor can do than help to cure people. dr koo said alot of the time people forget that you are actually treating a person as opposed to eradicating an illness. As a doctor, you need a lot of human touch, alot of compassion and love for each and everyone of your patients. also, i realised that he doesn't eat lunch. hahaa. and there were some cases that made me really sad, especially those which involve youths being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

today was MUSICAL day with alicia yik. we watched SOUNDOFMUSIC and the REAL 'my fair lady' and esplanade! it was a mother $78. but of course the company was greattt and im suposed to have an entry for her but i am going to play dota now hahahhaa

oh yes i met fattycatty too! first time ever. and it was funny cos we kept meeting RJ ppl. it was a tuesday and we took advantage of the half price gelare thing HOHO

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

hey check this outt .. from jingmin's blog hehehe

Cool Slideshows

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Monday, January 01, 2007

okkkk mr anon i will um we went to watch death note 2 i think it is quite nice! i like the storyline and the twists even though everything seems rather far-fetched. but its nice detaching yourself from reality once in a while. and trying to imagine a world with a kira. actually its kinda disturbing how someone so bent on justice can turn evil so quickly

after that i went to zhuzhu's church! i was pleasantly surprised to find out that adeline was the committee chair! i realised that there are alot of ppl in school whom you don't expect to be so capable. but what was most remarkable was that the invited pastor was a malay guy who was touched by God when he was 15..he shared his testimonial and the lesson that if you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat first.

on the 31st, i went to church and pastor ong shared about being light and salt of the world. i was quite moved by the sermon because he shared about some of his army experiences; he established himself as a person who refused to do anything wrong even when he was under much peer pressure. there were some funny bits like his sergeant making it a point to allow everyone out of camp on christian holidays like christmas and easter. i hope i can be like him in this upcoming challenge! 13jan here i comeee

my new year was spent, most unfortunately, at home doing university applications. i was supposed to go to church but due to my procrastination ........... :(((((

anyway happy birthday nattt ngoiiii.

and here are pictures from council and class party, both at junli's house : )

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Friday, December 29, 2006

hi guys!

i want to blog but i have nothing to blog about.

i've been busy doing uni apps. My average rate of doing essays is 0.25 essays a day. and i am extremely perplexed by one question for my application to Johns Hopkins.

"Respond to the following, using whatever space and medium you like: If you had a full day with no commitments, no homework, no home responsibilities, and only the money in your pocket, what would you do? where would you go? whom would you take with you?"

I've thought about it, and i can't think of anything. HAAHHAAaaaaa. I thought of drawing, but i dont know what to draw.

these few days, i've been visiting ECP and getting lost, watching the curse of the golden flower which had a very complicated plot (actually not very), and just chilling with my homeys.

today i've a council party and tomorrow i've a class party, both a junli's house. Poor girl hahaha

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

this is my family.

kinda explains why im like that now, doesn't it : )hahahhaha
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Monday, December 25, 2006

hi guys as most of you would know i am back!!!!!!

china was alright la. some parts were quite interesting but there were some rather dry tours of random artefacts. but i think its important to visit china cos i dont think we should lose our roots as chinese people, as much as its a cliche. anyway we went to this pro place where there were alot of bargainable counterfeit goods. i think my mum is level 10 bargainer. my father is level 2 only haha. my brother and i are level 0. i bought a fako taghuer watch which dennet stole from me, and fake converse shoes and fake belt etc haha. the food there's cheap too! u can eat like a steamboat dinner for 6 ppl and it will cost 60 bucks , whereas in singapore it would be almost thrice the price! oh btw, china eastern airline suckssssssssssssss no TV LA cannot watch movie

i got baptised on christmas eve! i was really quite excited.... everybody has to give me present twice a year now cos i got born again, ha a ha ha ha ha.

we also had a family christmas party on christmas eve. there was this segment where all the uncles were supposed to read out their pre-prepared poems for their respective wives and it was really sweet and funny :) all were in chinese so i can't give any sample here haha. after that we played games like charades and took retarded pictures. after i get hold of them i shall post them here! then you will know why i'm like that hahaa

merry christmas everyone!!!!! :)

Christmas time is here, decorations appear
Family and friends so dear, come together in christmas cheer

do you know the truth, of the meaning of christmas
its not about trees or gifts, its Jesus Christ the King

Jesus is the reason for the season
Lets remember Him when the candles burn
To our Jesus may everybody turn

Its never too soon, to know that
Its never too late, to learn that
Jesus is, the reason for the season

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